What To Do If You Get Arrested

In our last post, we talked about a very important topic. We’re about to dive into another important one.

Life is a composition of unpredictable events. You are not sure what is going to happen next. Getting arrested is one of those dreaded and uncertain events which can occur at any point in your life.

There can be many reasons behind you getting arrested. Maybe you have committed a crime or you broke a law or you were at an illegal party or it might as well be a mistake and the cops are looking for you.

Whatever the reason is you have got arrested and now your mind is blank and you don’t know what to do. Your first reaction is to feel traumatized, panicky and helpless.

Don’t worry, here are a few do’s and dont’s of getting arrested. These will help you out if God forbid you ever get stuck in a situation and will also keep you away from aggravating the issue.

We start off with the things that you should steer clear of:


Avoid Resistance

If a cop approaches with the notion of taking you into his/her custody, you should not resist in any condition possible.

Don’t try to run away or lock yourself or ask others to stop the cop from getting a hold of you. Also don’t involve your family or friends to explain on your behalf.

Innocent or not, remember, if a cop has to arrest you, he/she will do it anyway so resisting is pointless. Resistance may lead to you facing additional charges.

Don’t argue

Arguing with the cop might be as useless as it can be. There is a chance that your argument might irritate the cop which might lead to him losing his temper.

Hurting the officer – Not acceptable!

Do not even think of hurting the officer in any capacity. They are just doing their job and basic human courtesy as well as the law requires you to be kind to the officer.

Sharing unnecessary information – Not advisable

It is sometimes a common event that whenever people get arrested they start to share unnecessary and irrelevant information with the cop. They usually do this out of tension and to show that they are innocent. You are not required to disclose any of your personal information until and unless you are asked to do so.

Don’t Believe everything that the officer says

Yes! It is very important to keep this point in your mind. At times officers twist their words and ask confusing questions, in order to get the most information off of you. It is a part of their training. So, pay a close attention to what they are saying and don’t believe everything they say as they might as well be lying.

Now, let’s look at the things that you should do when you get arrested;


Stay Calm

Remember there is no need to panic. Getting arrested might be something out of the blue but you are not the only one. Many people around the world go through this process each day.

There is no need to lose your nerves or get tensed. In case you are innocent, you have all the more reasons to keep calm as you will hopefully be released after some checking

Talk gently and be courteous

Even if you know you are innocent and you think that you don’t deserve this kind of a treatment, there is no need to be discourteous and rude.

You should respect the officer and give him/her benefit of doubt. You should indulge in a gentle conversation with the officer. Ask the cop if he/she has your arrest warrant.

This way you can easily sort out all the matters. Otherwise shouting and talking rudely might cause you even bigger problems.

Once the cop has done his part of the job, you can then politely ask him the reasons, possible solutions and any other relevant questions that pop up in your mind.

Provide relevant information

You are highly advised to provide all and only the relevant information that you are asked to give.

For instance, if a cop stops you while driving and asks you to show your driver’s license, do so without hesitating. This will make the process easier as well as it will give an impression that you don’t have anything to be afraid of.

If you are asked to give your background information like your name, address, occupation and education, do so honestly without asking why as this information shows up in their database as well and they might just be comparing it.

The state also gives you the right to remain silent. In case you believe that it isn’t safe or appropriate to disclose your information to a cop, you can just tell him/her that you wish to talk to a lawyer.

Let the cops search you and your belongings

Searching you and your belongings is one of their duties and a usual part of the process. If you think that cops don’t respect your privacy then you are mistaken. They usually search for clues only.

By law, you have the right to not allow the police to search your belongings. You can use this right. But if you are innocent and there’s nothing to lose, then allowing them to search is a good option.

A word of caution – if cops enter your house let them search where they want to, they will look into the rooms and spaces that they will find suspicious. Just don’t act over efficient and tell them to search everywhere.

Also, while the search is going on avoid looking at the places in your house where you do not want the police to search. Stay silent and preferably look down throughout the process.

Now that you know what to do and what not to do when you get arrested, we hope that when next time something of this sort happens, you will be able to act in a better way and will avoid creating a scene.

Final word – Try not to do something troublesome that can lead you to getting arrested and going through this stressful process!

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