Website Mistakes Even Good Designers Make

Even the best website designers are capable of making mistakes. The key is knowing how to identify those mistakes and fix them before they cause too much damage to both traffic levels and the general impression left by the site.

Common mistakes below:

Not suitable for mobile devices

Not only does your website need to function on a smart phone or tablet, it needs to look just as good on a smaller mobile screen as it does on the computer screen

Spelling and Grammar

If you want to completely decimate your professional image, all yo need to do is misspell a word or two. But if you like making a good impression, you’ll need to proofread your content multiple times.

Forgetting social media

If you fail to link to Facebook or Twitter, you’re missing an amazing opportunity to connect with your website’s visitors. Currently, Facebook boasts 1.06 billion active monthly users. Don’t let them slip through your fingers.

Lack of site map

There’s no better way to frustrate website users than to make navigation difficult. Include a site map so that all visitors know where to access the information they need.

Not testing before publishing

It’s easy to make stupid mistakes in web code, but unfortunately, such mistakes can prevent your page from attaining accessibility. Tests before you publish — this will help you catch mistakes before going live.

Keyword stuffing

It’s tempting to stuff your page with keyword phrases, but resist at all costs! Good keywords are valuable, they get you to that top-ranking link. Only 8 percent of those viewers will continue on to click the second link.

Non-adaptive images

Adaptive images are effective in cleaning up messy HTML. Better yet, they work well with both mobile and traditional computers.


Avoid flash at all costs, especially flash on splash pages! That’s double trouble. This unwelcome addition makes load time unbelievably long, and it’s usually pretty tacky looking to boot.

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