How To Be Better At Time Management

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How to be better at time management

Unfortunately, for most of us, time management is a major constraint. It keeps us from achieving our goals whether they are related to our career or our relationships.


There can be many reasons behind us not being able to manage time properly. In the end the best excuse we give is that 24 hours a day are just not enough to fulfill all our mammoth sized tasks.

We would like to share with you some useful tips that are going to assist you in becoming better at time management. Follow these and work smarter not harder!

  • Prioritize your Tasks

The most important thing that you need to stick to everyday is prioritizing your tasks, deciding which task needs to be completed first and which can be done at a later time.

A good way to start off is to think about the tasks that must be finished urgently. For instance, if you are supposed to give daily updates on a project to your supervisor, then this should be your number priority every day until the project is completed successfully.

This way, when your day will come to an end, you will be relieved to know that all your daily crucial deadlines have been met and you can then focus on not-so important tasks.

  • Stay Focused

One of the biggest complaints regarding time management is that individuals are unable to complete a task within a given time. Have you experienced the same issue? Did you try to explore the reasons?

One of the reasons behind mismanagement of time is the lack of focus. Whenever you are assigned a task or you are asked to sit down and finish an assignment within a time limit, it is expected that you will give the work your full attention and will be able to complete it before the deadline.

So, our advice to you is to remain focused and stay away from distractions. Put your phone on silent, turn off the TV and sit on a study table in a quite environment. This will help you in maintaining focus and accomplishing your tasks in no time.

  • Avoid Irrelevant Details

Focusing on too much irrelevant details and fussing about them is another reason behind mismanagement of time. Avoid going into too much depth whenever you can.

There is a whole world of knowledge out there. If you keep on going in detail there might not be an end to what you want to achieve. So restrict yourself to only relevant information. Don’t worry it is always good to remain to the point.

  • Maintain a Healthy Routine

A healthy routine is one in which you give sufficient time to all the tasks that keep you mentally and physically healthy.


Sleep is one of these tasks. A good 7-8 hours of sleep is required to function in a better way and keeping you focused. If you do not sleep well, you will feel drowsy and sick!

It is good to watch TV shows and your favorite movies. But it is essential to limit the time you spend in front of the TV screen.

Take breaks while switching from one task to another. Relax and indulge yourself in healthy physical activity. Maybe go out for a walk or play your favorite sport.

Eat healthy! Although it does not have a direct relationship with time management but eating nutritious food boosts your productivity which then helps you in utilizing your time in a better way.

Remember your productivity depends on your health and skipping sleep or exercise or a meal will do you no good. It will only decrease your productivity which will in turn demand more of your time even for petty tasks.

  • Make a To-Do List

Although this isn’t mandatory, but making a to-do list can help you in many ways. You can jot down the tasks priority wise and organize yourself accordingly. With your to-do list in your hand, you will not forget any important task for the day.

  • Start saying “NO”

We usually go out of our way to help our friends, colleagues and family members. We feel bad whenever we have to say no to them.

This might be difficult for many of us, but saying no to others at times can make us better at time management. You have to determine what tasks you can squeeze in to your routine and what you must decline.

Don’t push yourself too hard in this regard. You are not obligated to say yes to everyone every time. Refuse them politely and tell them how there are other important things that you need to complete.

  • Organize yourself

Each day we spend so many hours in looking for the relevant documents, emails and other important things. If you organize yourself you can cut short your searching time.

Make relevant folders on your desktop, arrange the documents in their respective files and label them, clean your closet and hang first the dresses you require frequently.

  • Make use of the waiting time

You have to wait on a station for your train or bus, or you have to wait for your food in restaurant or you have to wait for your turn in a hospital or when you are stuck in traffic, you basically don’t have anything to do to kill your time.

You can make use of this waiting time by doing some useful tasks that are doable on the go. Check through your to-do list. Maybe there are some emails that you can send out in this time.

  • Enjoy Yourself

You will not have to worry about time if you enjoy whatever you are doing. Time management does not remain an issue if you love to do what you are supposed to do.

How about you spare some hours on the weekend and complete your assigned tasks? This way you can make the most out of your weekend.

Finally, if you have gone through the above tips, you must be thinking that we aren’t asking a lot from you. By keeping in mind our guidelines, try to work on your routine and customize it your way as it is your life. We hope you succeed in getting better at time management.

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