Getting good at tennis and qualifying for Wimbledon

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Getting good at tennis and qualifying for Wimbledon

Are you a tennis enthusiast who not only loves watching the game but has a great passion for playing it as well? Do you wish to get good at it? Is qualifying for Wimbledon your ultimate goal? If yes, then this post is for you.


We have 8 very useful guidelines for you which will assist you in stepping up your game to the next level. Stick to these tips and tricks, and you will see that you are getting good at tennis in no time.

  1. Stick to your Strongest Shots

As a tennis player you should determine your pattern of play or your strongest shots. There are no set rules for doing this. It all depends upon your style and preference.

Champions of the game like Rafael Nadal have certain shots which they stick to. Trying new things every time you step in the court makes you look unprofessional and sloppy.

You also have to decide whether or not your play is traditional or an aggressive one. As a traditional player you prefer hitting at a slower pace.

  1. Know your Opponent’s strategy

There are several ways of finding the game plan of your opponent this includes closely observing their playing style in previous game or looking at the pattern of their shots during the warm-up session.

You need to make it clear to your opponent that you know his tactics and that you are aware of his next move as well. This will not only give you an edge in the game but it will also help you in impacting him psychologically by making him question the plan that he made.

Eventually, your opponent will try to use other tactics which will affect his game and will increase your chances of winning.

The key here is to get a hold of your opponent’s weaknesses and use this knowledge to make them vulnerable in the court.

  1. Never Skip Warm-Up Sessions

Before the game officially begins you are supposed to play warm-up sessions with your opponents that usually last for around 15 minutes. Do not miss these sessions at any cost.

First a warm up session will obviously help you in getting warmed up and stretching out for the actual game. This decreases the chances of you pulling a muscle.

Second it will get you in the mood of the game. Third it will indicate the performance, tactics and stance of your opponent.

  1. Keep your Energy level Up

You should remember that tennis is a strenuous game that requires full physical activity. You tend to get tired and lose a great amount of energy during the game.

A very common mistake committed by amateur players is that they will be able to finish the game without sipping some water or eating anything.

What can you do to keep your energy level up or at least constant throughout the match? You can drink water or any of your favorite energy drink or take a bite of any energy bar.

  1. Shop for Tennis Racquet Wisely

If you are a tennis love then you might already have a tennis racquet so don’t worry this tip will help you when you go shopping for a racquet next time.

Before purchasing a tennis racquet you need to remember that this will be a long-term investment and it will have its share of impact on making your game better or worse.

So do your homework and make your decision wisely. Just don’t go to any other sports shop and buy the first racquet that you see in the shelf.

Check out what brands the champions are using and which racquet is the closest and the most affordable one for you. If required, get your racquet strung by a professional.


  1. Use the court intelligently

Don’t get scared of moving around the court. Do not also restrict your movement to some point. You should try a variety of shots from different direction.

You should also try going near the net to catch your opponent off-guard. Using the lines and corners and hitting at the right angles is also very helpful during the game.

If you are at the baseline then you should make an effort to hit the ball at some height away from the net, this will be as good as a low height fast shot.

  1. Learn the art of hitting a good serve

If you think that serves are not important and that you don’t need to learn about them, then you my friend are mistaken. Ask a trainer to assist you in getting the right spin, speed and length.

Experts provide that throwing a serve at maximum speed is a common misconception amongst players. If you commit the same mistake and you wish to get better at tennis, then you must shift your focus to technique and spin.

  1. Be Physically fit

As repeatedly mentioned above tennis requires you to be physically fit and for that you need to stay in touch with the game, practice each day, do your cardio and get good at running.

All the above tips will assist you in stepping up your game. In order to qualify for the Wimbledon you have to go through their qualifying process.

So basically hundreds of men and women send their entries to Wimbledon each year. They are shortlisted for the qualifying round on merit basis. The rankings for the selection are provided by Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP).

Competitions amongst these selected candidates take place. The reward for the players is the accumulation of certain winning points.

These players move on to play Gentlemen’s and Ladies Singles respectively. In some instances, wild cards are also given to deserving players.

For more details on the process of selection for Wimbledon you can visit their official website. For qualifying for Wimbledon we recommend you to not only follow the tips provided above but also adhere to the rules and regulations specified by the organization and keep a check at the important dates for the respective events.

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