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This article was published by Jarryd Fillmore, who is from Grimsby and St. Catharines.

Being likeable is absolutely essential when it comes to your business, your job, your relationship and your life in general. However especially in the business world, in the name of the bottom line and general revenue flow, often we lose sight of the simple things. These things not only make us human, but things can even help make us more successful.

Listen To People

As most people know (and a lot of people seem to not know), listening is the absolute foundation when it comes to any good relationship. Amazing leaders listen to what their customers have to say. Amazing husbands, wives, boyfriends and girlfriends listen to what their significant other has to say as well. Great leaders actually listen to their colleagues and are definitely open to new ideas. Great leaders also listen to competitors (shocking!), investors and shareholders.

They Are Awesome At Telling Stories

I’ve had a few bosses in the past that were amazing at telling stories. It’s funny, when I look back and think of it, those same bosses could actually round a team up pretty easily, just be telling them one of their wackey, yet awesome stories. Good leader need to tell awesome stories in order to sell their products – but more importantly, to sell their ideas. Storytelling is a trait that captivates people. It pulls them off. Whether you’re telling a story on stage at some TED talk, or just in the boardroom with a few people, telling a story goes a really long way.

Being Authentic

You can spot a great leader that’s just filled with authenticity from a mile away. When people are ingenue, it’s really easy to spot the behaviour. It’s even easier when someone is truly authentic. I remember this time back in school. I met, who is know one of my absolute best friends.The thing that drew me to him he spoke from the heart. He was very grounded, and just super authentic and genuine as a person. The leaders of tomorrow are definitely transparent about who they are online, in turn merging their personal and professional lives together.

They are transparent

With the internet present, there’s really nowhere to hide anymore. Privacy is long game. The business poeple who try to keep secrets will eventually be exposed. Another thing about being transparent is that it leads to happier staff, along with happier clients and happier colleagues. More often then not, being transparent makes it loads easier to sleep at night. You’re not hiding anything, your mind will be at ease.

Team Playing

No matter how small or how big your organization is, getting a lot together is absolutely essential. There are a lot of companies that have a lot of different employees – it’s next to impossible to please everyone. Also, it’s super hard to like every single person you work with, too. But letting other people shine, encouraging innovating ideas and practicing traits such as humility will help you become a more likeable leader. In order to breed success, the culture of success needs to be right there with it.

Being Responsive

There’s a life changing quote I was introduced to a while back. “10% of life is what happens to you – 90% of life is how you react to it”. The best leaders are responsive to their customers, investors and staff – especially when things go wrong. Every single stakeholder has the potential to bring any company down in this day and age, as social media runs rampant. If you mess up, it can go viral – in a really bad way. However if you do something awesome or really great for the community, that has it’s positives too. ¬†Whether the communication is through voicemail, a response on Facebook, a tweet, whatever the platform – and it shows that as a company you really do care, this has massive positive effects for the company.

Being Adaptive

Today’s marketplace is by far the most fastest-changing that humanity has ever seen. A great leader must be very flexible in managing changing opportunities and challenges, and even flexible enough to pivot at the right moment. Being stubborn is no longer the most desirable trait to organizations. Instead, owning up to your mistakes and willing to adapt is a true mark of a great leader.

Having Passion

Apparently, those who love what they do never work a day in their lives. You can really see this in people. The ones who are passionate when it comes to their business idea and business as a whole have an unparalleled advantage, as that passion is super contagious to customers. Finding and doubling up on your passion will without a doubt increase your bottom line substantially.

Having Surprise and Delight

Most people enjoy surprises in their day-to-day-lives. Leaders that are likeable definitely under-promise and over-deliver, especially with their staff. If you have a boss who likes to surprise the staff (for example, take the staff out for lunch or on a company picnic of some sort), you are extremely lucky. We all like to be delighted, and a great leader can make that happen internally with their staff. And when he or she does make that happen, the morale of your team will skyrocket ten-fold.


I remember working on a website one time with a company that dealt with financials. It was almost like pulling teeth even trying to figure out what the heck the company did. They actually had to train their own staff on what they did. If what you do as a business is so confusing to the point where you can’t even explain to your own staff what you do, how do you think your customers feel? Breaking things down into languages where normal people understand what your business does works absolute wonders for your business.

Well that’s it folks, I hope your enjoyed my blog post. Signing off, I’m Jarryd Fillmore from Grimsby and St. Catharines. Please feel free to browse my other posts.

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